Event: Caddyslap 2

Our first pingolf event, Caddyslap, was such a hit that we’re doing it again! Caddyslap 2 will take place on January 28th at Jeff Rivera’s house in Kaysville.

Pingolf is different from a regular pinball competition. Instead of playing for high scores, competitors play to complete objectives that vary by machine. Each objective is assigned a “par” score, and each ball counts as a stroke. After each hole has been played, strokes are added up and the player with the lowest total wins.

Practice starts at 3:00pm and the official start will be at 5:00pm. For directions to the location, email slapleagueinfo@gmail.com. If you are currently receiving emails from SLAP, you will automatically receive the details for Caddyslap 2 and any upcoming events.

Caddyslap 2 will be played on 10 machines. The current planed lineup includes:

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Attack From Mars
  3. Bride of Pinbot
  4. Tron
  5. Iron Man
  6. Ghostbusters LE
  7. AC/DC Premium
  8. Doctor Who
  9. Twilight Zone
  10. The Addams Family

There are some classic games that may find their way into the mix, but for now this is the planned game list.