Event: Nickelslap

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On Saturday, March 25th, we’re hosting a tournament, Nickelslap. The tournament will be held at Nickelmania in Springville, and is open to the public. Practice will begin at 10:00am, and the tournament will officially begin at 3:00pm. Registration will take place on location, and will be open until 3:00pm.

Entry for the tournament will be $10, and players will also need to be responsible for their entry fee into Nickelmania ($2.25) and for their credits for games played ($.05-$.20 per game). All entry fees will be paid back to entrants in winnings to be awarded at the conclusion of the event.

From 3:00pm to 8:00pm, qualifying matches will be played, with 8 total qualifying games. The top 8 qualifiers will compete in a knockout style playoff to determine our winners.

The address is below. For more information about the event our the league as a whole, please contact us at slapleagueinfo@gmail.com.

Nickelmania – Springville

1575 South 1950 West, Springville, Utah