SLAP Awesome Summer Series Event 2 – Flipper

flipper poster
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Coming up on Saturday, June 18th, we’ll be holding the second of SLAP’s Awesome Summer Series events. The summer events are held once a month, and work as both standalone events as part of our ongoing league standings.

The event starts at 4:00pm for practice and registration. At 6:00pm, registration will close and competition will begin. Entry is $20 with 80% paid out to top finishers the same night and 20% put into the end of year pool. All who enter will accrue points towards the overall Awesome Summer Series standings.

In order to ensure proper matchmaking and the ability to start on time, there is no late registration. Please make sure to get your registration in by 6:00 in order to be eligible to compete.

The event will be held at Rick Maxfield’s home, which is located in Sugarhouse. The available games for the tournament include:

Medieval Madness Remake
Eight Ball Deluxe LE
Star Trip (Cocktail)
Soccer (Gottlieb)
Wizard (Bally)

If you need directions on how to get to Rick’s home, or if you need more information about this or any other SLAP League events, please email us at