SLAP League – Week 5

Week 5 of the SLAP League is being held at the Campfire Lounge in Sugarhouse on Thursday, March 17th. The address is 837 East 2100 South, and as usual, we’ll meet at 6:00 for practice and start competition at 7:00. Come ready to compete, and remember that since it’s St. Patrick’s Day that we might have a larger than usual crowd around us.

The games we will be playing will be chosen from the following:

Dr. Who
Addams Family
Fish Tales
No Fear

Standings going into week 5 are below:

Dan Newman 37
Alex Reynolds 34
Kelly Thomson 33
Mike Lund 32
Mike Jenkins 29
Lee Bellehumeur 29
Jeff Rivera 27
Josh Craig 27
John Panouses 26
Jason Anderson 24
Kevin Davies 24
Karl Grafer 21
Sean Ranson 18
Jared Kerby 14
Chris Fairbanks 6
John Gould 3